Full Body Massage  / Classical          60 min  130 CHF                                                                                                                                                          

Full Body Massage  / Classical          90 min 180 CHF 

4 Hands Aroma Oil Massage            60 min  200 CHF

Lymphdrainage Massage                  60 min 140 CHF

Aroma Massage                                  60 min  140 CHF

Foot reflexology                                  60 min  120 CHF

Foot reflexology / esential oils         40 min 120 CHF 

Face Reflexology                                  40 min 110 CHF

Japanese Face Massage KOBIO         40 min 110 CHF

Japanese Face Massage KORUGI       40 min 130 CHF

Madero Massage                                  40 min 120 CHF

Madero Massage inkl. face                 60 min 140 CHF 

* Bioenergy Massage                           40 min 120 CHF

ABO 10 Sessions/Bioenergy massage 950 CHF

ABO 10 Sessions/ Japanese Face Massage KOBIO  900 CHF

ABO 10 Sessions/Maderotherapie 900 CHF

*   Info/Bioenergy Massage:

  • stimulated the flow of energy 
  • releases physical blockages  
  • Increases muscle tone 
  • increases collagen production 
  • refreshes and regenerates the skin 
  • improves the scar structure
  • stimulates the circulation and metabolism
  •  pain relief 
  • regulation of the endocrine system 
  • antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects 
  • strengthens the immune system and increases cell activity and the body's ability to  Self-repair
  • regulating the autonomic nervous system and improving the quality of sleep

 Glow Facial

60 min    180 CHF

This treatment is a combination of peelings and classical  facial treatment. It cleans the skin down to the pores and provides it with long-lasting and intensive moisture. The Glow Facial specially developed by us helps with dry and blemished skin. In addition, the facial treatment is effective against wrinkles, impurities, calluses and pigment spots. The result is immediately visible: radiant, smooth skin that looks young and vital.

Ultrasound Facial Therapy

Ultrasound Facial therapy is a nourishing and anti-aging facial treatment

40 min   100 CHF

Japanese Anti-aging Facial “ Lotus”/Korugi

75 min   200 CHF 

3 Sessions  Abo : 580 CHF

5 Sessions  Abo: 950 CHF


Lifting/Sculpture Massage: 

Face, Décolletage , Head, Neck

- cleansing 

- 40 min massage

- 20 min modeling mask,

- applying  moisturizing products

 - ultrasound

With age, the skin of the face becomes saggy and it’s not just because the facial muscles weaken and the the production of the collagen and elastin decreases. There is one more reason that causes aging - the displacement of facial bones. As a result, the face oval becomes more blurred, and the cheeks and the chin saggy.

Chiyo Hаyаshi developed а speciаl technique for mаssаging the fаce thаt helps restore the initiаl position of the skull’s bones аnd improve microcirculаtion in fаciаl tissues. This system wаs given the nаme Korugi.


Price  380 CHF

PROFHILO offers a unique anti-aging treatment concept that improves skin quality by stimulating the body's own hyaluronic acid production and supporting the formation of elastin and collagen. The unique composition allows an effective immediate effect-ensures smooth and firm skin and gives you back a youthful radiance


Price  240 CHF pro Zone

Intralipotherapy is a widely used technique in aesthetic medicine. It uses adipocitolic (fat dissolving) solutions, which are solutions containing natural products that cause fat cell lysis. Using intralipotherapy, the solution is released evently, directly into the fat layer, gradually redicing its size. The treatment can be repeated after a suitable period of time.

LipoTherapy injections reduce the size of localized fat deposits in body regions where treated.

Biorevitalization Aquashine

 Price  280 CHF

Aquashine is an injectable biostimulator based on hyaluronic acid, peptides and innovative active ingredients. These substances occur naturally in our bodies and help keep skin firm and hydrate.

Aquashine is an innovative solution for radiant, healthy skin with a long-lasting volumizing and lifting effect. 

Aquashine BTX (1x2ml) - MESOTHERAPY - Center Fillers

Only for men

Anti-aging therapy has become an important topic for men as well as for women. Masculine skin is 25% thicker and produces more sebum than feminine skin. Let us work together to create a facial treatment that is just right for you. 

We will charged according to the amount of time you have booked.

Individual Treatment Offer 60 min, 75 min, 90 min

Always includes cleansing, peeling & active ingredient ampoule / serum

High Tech Methods:

  • HydraGlow - Deep cleansing 
  • Ultrasound - Skin permeability and skin tightening
  • Peeling treatment against pigment spots, acne, Poren 
  • Mesotherapy - Active ingredients are infiltrated deep into the cell, Anti-aging
  • LED Light Therapy - Anti-aging, acne or pigment spots

60 min 140 CHF

75 min 150 CHF

90 min 190 CHF

Japanese KOBIDO Facial 

60 min   180 CHF

Imperial Japanese Face/Neck/ Décolletage Massage

During a Kobido session, the face is cleansed, moisturized and energised through the stimulation of the meridians.

The Kobido allows to boost the micro circulation of the face, to give radiance to the skin, to promote the production of natut^ral collagen, to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, to regenarate the epidermis, to eliminate toxins and by extension to improve psychological well-being as well as the quality of sleep.

Scalp Micro-Pigmentation 


60 min    350 CHF

Scalp Micro- Pigmentation  is commonly used to hide general baldness and hair loss for men and women, often referred to as patterning or genetic hair loss.  It can also be used to hide scars or blemishes in hair transplants resulting from head trauma, and to camouflage hair loss associated with alopecia.

The result of hair pigmentation looks deceptively real and convincing.

Scalp pigmentation is currently considered the best treatment for people who suffer from hair loss, do not want to undergo surgery, want to cover up scars from a transplant or do not have enough donor hair.

Most clients need 2-4 sessions to be considered complete.  

How much does hair pigmentation cost?

We offer a scalp pigmentation for 250.- CHF/ 1 hour.

With us you do not pay by head regions, but ONLY the actual effort. 

Permanent Make-up

Eye liner top              550.- CHF

Lips „Touch up „       750.- CHF

Lash line thickening /per lid   400.- CHF

Lash line thickening above and below 700.- CHF

Acid Peeling

Properly selected peeling works wonders.  Spectrumof action: rejuvenates the skin, fights against age-related skin changes: sluggish tone, uneven complexion, pigmentation.  Peeling is suitable for all Age groups , also for adolescents with acne, oily skin, enlarged pores, and etc.

Various Acid Peelings from Anti Aging to Anti-Acne Treatment

Price 160  CHF

Student Price 90 CHF

Acid Peeling inkl Radiofrequenz     180 CHF